We needed a fast and stable solution to solve our main issues and those first questions everytime we faced new projects, we appretiate to measure our work and tools to do so, we continuous improve our knowlodge trying to follow solid choices made by the industrie as well as streching and testing our on insights, one of those is this bundle of continous integration and dependency management, now and them we start a new project using Maven as our main tool for Java development, going futher we use jenkins from prototype to production release, to acomplish this i’ve been using a couple of tool sets to manage the provisioning of those tools to developers, so we integrate our parallel work from all over the world in a single point of meeting.

So there is no “silver bullet” but there is a few tools tested and used for the past several years of our indrustries, on of thosw tools is the famous Apache Maven in conjunction with Jenkins Continous Integration and Apache Archiva for repository management.

This article intend to be a working in progress document and an invitationg to all of you, as well as a playground to test our different env and set of tools.

If you want to be able to use the vagrant-ci bundle, it is recommended for you to download those tools:

Ansible is the simplest way to automate IT

Vagrant made development environments easy

Just clone our git repo and follow the instructions, and you will have a fresh installation of archiva and jenkins to start your continuous integration env.

Thank you,